Pombe is a hybrid

Preprint on biorxiv.orgHistory of fission yeast

We just posted a preprint of our manuscript on bioRxiv. In the paper we analyzed the sequencing data from 161 different fission yeast strains and showed that these are a recent hybrids between (at least) two populations that diverged from each other about 2300 years ago, and about 20 outcrossing generations (probably sometime in the last 500 years) started to hybridize. The genomes still have large haplotype blocks from the two different populations. Long-read sequencing methods (PacBio’s SMRT and and NanoPore’s MinIon) showed some small structural variants and a few large structural variation, but these variants are present only at low frequencies and do not explain the haplotype blocks.

Tusso, Sergio, Bart P.S. Nieuwenhuis, Fritz J. Sedlazeck, John W. Davey, Daniel Jeffares, and Jochen B. W. Wolf. “Ancestral Admixture and Structural Mutation Define Global Biodiversity in Fission Yeast.” BioRxiv, September 12, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1101/415091.
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A new website

Welcome to this new website! Since I moved to the LMU university, a lot of things needed to be arranged, and this website was one of them. Finally I managed to get round to get this mostly setup.

At the moment this is still work in progress. In the future, this will be the place where you’ll be able to find information on my group, the work we’re doing and data, protocols etc.

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