Dr. Bart Nieuwenhuis – PI

I did my PhD in the Genetics Lab at Wageningen University under the supervision of Duur Aanen and Rolf Hoekstra, where I studied the potential of sexual selection in fungi (thesis pdf). In 2013, I moved to Uppsala in Sweden, to work with Simone Immler (now at University of East Anglia) at the Uppsala University. In Uppsala, I started working with fission yeast and, in collaboration with Hanna Johannesson, with the orange breadmold Neurospora crassa. Mid-2017, I started my own research group studying the evolution and maintenance of sexual asymmetries at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in the Division of Evolutionary Biology.

Master Students

Hamed Al Ghaithi

Project: Role of genomic rearrangements on reproductive isolation in fission yeast


Project: Natural variation in the frequency of mating-type switching